WatchNext |

WatchNext will help you eliminate the time spent surfing Netflix and Hulu and get to what matters most - watching films!


Mission Trail |

A text-based adventure game in the vein and graphic style of the Atari/PC game, Oregon Trail, updated for the modern San Francisco Millennial.

Millennials are the first generation to be burdened by FOMO, or the fear of missing out, due to constant connectivity to the internet. In this game, the user encounters situations familiar to the modern-day Millennial, and must strategically choose options that keep their FOMO score low.

Run Rickey Run |

The Run Rickey Run Google Chrome extension changes every instance of first-person pronouns on a web page to "Rickey Henderson," and updates the web page's styling to cool Oakland A's colors. Inspired by Rickey's penchant for speaking in the third person.


More Projects

Bay Area Help |

A web page designed for victims of domestic abuse to find resources to develop a safety plan, escape their abusers, and live fulfilling and abuse-free lives

This project was built by a team of 5 engineers and designers during a hackathon hosted by Hacking For Humanity and Girls in Tech 👩‍🎤


How I Explain Dev Bootcamp to Muggles

An article I published about my Dev Bootcamp experience